Useful Repair Insights For Residential Roof Storm Damage

Residential roofs are durable, but they're not indestructible. That's particularly true if they're exposed to severe storms that involve a lot of wind and hail. If your own roof has some storm damage and you're trying to address it effectively, use these repair insights. Decide if Emergency Repair is Needed or Not You can address roof storm damage in a couple of ways. Either you can fix the damage when you find the time or you can rush the repair using emergency tactics. Read More 

What’s The Role Of Underlayment In Your Roofing System?

There's more going on under your roof than you might expect. While the roofing material gets most of the attention, it's only the most visible part of a much deeper roofing system. The typical residential roof consists of a plywood deck, underlayment, top material (shingles, wood shake, etc.), and a final layer of flashing around vulnerable areas. Your choice of material will affect many aspects of your roof, including its appearance and durability, but the underlayment helps this material reach its true potential. Read More 

How Roofing Contractors Restore Historical Roofs

If you have a historic home, you will want to choose the right roof so that you can preserve the beauty of your home. Most roofs eventually have to be replaced but to protect the value of your historic home, you will need to choose the right type of roof. Some Roofers are Experienced with Historical Buildings Fortunately, when you contact a professional roofer, you will be able to inquire about whether they have experience replacing historic roofs. Read More 

3 Tips to Inspect Your Business’s Roof for Damage

Your building's roof is one of its most important aspects and a critical safety feature for the rest of your investment. Roofing failures can quickly expand if you don't address them early, leading to more costly repairs in the future. Even worse, a roofing failure can lead to interior water damage, potentially threatening equipment and inventory stored in your building. While no roof will last forever, routine inspections and repairs are crucial to make your roof last for as long as possible. Read More 

Commercial Roofing: Why Your Business Needs A Designated Commercial Roofer

Since the roof is your business establishment's first line of defense against the elements, you want to ensure that it's always in top condition. And to guarantee this, you should delegate all roofing work to a professional who has the proper training and required experience to deliver excellent results. So whether your commercial roofing needs maintenance, repair, or replacing, be sure to hire a commercial roofer. Having a designated commercial roofer gives you peace of mind knowing that your business premises will never experience a dilapidating roofing breakdown. Read More